About us

Hi I’m Henry and I’m 11 years old, and I live near Hull ,

I love gadgets and travel, so poetry essay example I thought I could share them both with you. I love proper gadgets and I love going to so many cool places so I thought why not share them both with you at the same time.

Henry’s gadgets has been started because I did a tycoon project at school that I really enjoyed but the other kids said I wasn’t very good at it so I thought I would prove them all wrong by doing this and finding gadgets that were really wow and different. I always knew far better toys that appeal to kids my age were out there, I just college admission writing service couldn’t find them all in one place. I was fed up with seeing the same gadgets that weren’t really gadgets in gadget shops. So here is Henry’s Gadgets run by kids for kids.

I have checked every gadget first to make sure it’s great for kids and it isn’t just another boring toy.

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